Friday, March 22, 2013

Using Social Marketing for Thought Leadership

I'm sure you are familiar with those "spot polls" that capture instantly your vote, and display the results at that moment?  Well SmartBrief did an interesting one on "Does your company publish any "thought leadership" material."

The poll itself can be accessed below:

What is interesting about this poll is the almost perfect split between "yes" and "no" answers.  Either a company is in it all the way, or they ignore it. There's no halfway point.

Personally, I think social marketing (LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook) are excellent tools for promoting your thoughts and opinions, and it is so simple to do, that I can't imagine anyone with 5 minutes to spare not taking advantage of this fabulous medium.

Of course, there are always extremes: those folks that post 10 blogs per day, use it for their primary revenue source, and accompany it with a variety of analytics and strategies for optimizing, refining, and proliferating their point of view.

I like to see myself on the other end of the spectrum.  Not fanatical, but a steady drum beat of writings to let you know that we are here to help. So where are you in your social marketing journey?  Have you plunged whole heartedly into the social media pool, or are you testing the LinkedIn or Twitter waters?  In either case, it is fun, it is energetic, and it keeps you connected.  It also allows you to share your thoughts, and your industry experience, with others--representing either yourself, or your company.  And it brings you on your way to thought leadership. 

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