Friday, January 20, 2012

Blog Recommendation: Modeling, Simulation and Operator Training Solutions

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Monday, January 9, 2012

The Six "Must Haves" To Use Mobile Devices in Manufacturing

Today I have a guest column by Snehal Shah, SmartGlance, and Bimal Mehta, Invensys.  It is on the Six “Must Haves” to Use Mobile Devices in Manufacturing

A mobile App running on Mobile devices can show you new ways to streamline operations, reduce costs, increase worker productivity and enable the power of real-time response. Mobility will let you transcend distance and connectivity issues, create a virtual, personalized space for collaboration and empower front-line workers to make better, faster, smarter decisions. Mobiles are becoming popular in the Manufacturing Industry for real time reporting, quick analysis and the ability to pinpoint problems from the road. 

Here are six key features that Mobile Apps must offer to be effective in manufacturing environment:

1. Must work on ALL mobile devices – Apple, Android, BlackBerry and Windows
2. Must connect to all manufacturing systems
3. Must be fully secured against hackers and lost phones
4. Must have ability to drill down to pinpoint problems
5. Must offer near Real-Time data updates for the latest status
6. Must offer Alerts so user does not have to keep looking

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

2012 Food Industry Outlook: A Taste of Things To Come

2012 Food Industry Outlook: A Taste of Things To Come. This industry outlook provides some interesting "food for thought" (so to speak) on how we, as providers of industrial automation solutions, can best help our customers to meet the needs of consumers for more variety, faster access to information, and more cost-effective offerings.  Certainly, the trend of "bespoke" solutions can be applied to our customers--who wouldn't want customized solutions, just for them?  Does this mean our partner community needs to become better adapted and responsive to these customer demands?  Or can we provide semi-off the shelf applications that allow the type of customization (beyond face plates) that meet these needs?  What do you all think?