Saturday, March 23, 2013

Repost: Mobile users deposit more than $40B in checks via smartphones, tablets

When we first started talking about the cloud, we looked at the adoption of smart phones and tablets to do the simple, every day tasks that people have--and certainly, doing banking is an indication of the willingness of people to use new technology in labor-saving ways. 

One aspect of the cloud, especially for the industrial/manufacturing community, is security.  Keeping your data, which reflects the Intellectual Property of your company, safe and secure is paramount.  And, it's kept the community from wide adoption of the cloud until this can be ensured fully.

Yet on a personal level, we're entrusting our devices to handle our money.  And the interesting thing is, it's only a small subsegment of the population, albeit growing quickly each year.  So what does this bode for the industrial software provider?  It tells us that if you provide a tool that's easy to use ("fun" was the term), gives immediate value, and is non-disruptive to your everyday life, you'll use it. 

That's why tools like SmartGlance have had such a strong uptake.  Simple to configure and use, industry generic, immediate user benefits. So I'm encouraged by these statistics, and by the adoption of mobile devices for tasks that would have been considered too proprietary, and risky, just a few years ago.

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