Thursday, March 21, 2013

Make Your Business Life Easier With the Business Intelligence iPhone

Business intelligence has taken the economies by storm with the advent of smart phones and tablets which have eased the work pressure considerably. The various applications of such phones have made business processes swift, thus reigning supreme across various industries. The business intelligence iPhone especially provides various tools that are needed for staying on schedule for important work tasks and getting on throughout the day.

SmartGlance on iPhone

With the business intelligence iPhone, sales people can easily manage their tasks such as staying in touch with their office colleagues and clients and also stay updated about the agendas and meetings while on field.

Business intelligence iPhone also allows to keep a tab on all the clients, performance of work, and accounting of vital data; anytime and anywhere. With the use of the iPhone, the need for carrying messy papers or laptops for retrieving critical business information when needed is completely negated. The phone can be used for recording billable hours, track and send invoices to multiple customers.

Your business projects are always kept moving with the aid of the excellent apps provided by the business intelligence iPhone. These apps help you to manage the projects, share files, and edit documents as and when needed. You can review the milestones of your projects and can also assign tasks to fellow colleagues or juniors while on the go. You are also given the provision of downloading documents for further reference and adding your inputs if any from the iPhone.

Hosting, attending and participating in meetings from the field are made easy with the business intelligence iPhone. Making of conference calls, taking notes along with the voice dictation or typing via virtual keyboards are aspects that will amaze you.

Overall speaking, the business intelligence iPhone has made life easy for business with its varied and excellent features and applications. You just need to use it once to understand its immense potential.


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