Monday, March 18, 2013

Do You Know About Wonderware's Software Asset Manager?

The Wonderware Software Asset Manager (SAM) is a new software application and service, designed to help customers track and manage their Wonderware software and licenses. It reports license information and related data, and automates patch management strategy in a secure and private environment.
We've heard customers pain points in license management:
     *physically auditing the plant for count & location of installated Wonderware licenses
     *ensuring effective use and compliance monitoring of purchased licenses
     *building and maintaining home-grown license management systems
     *manually checking and retrieving relevant patches and updates
     *installation of patches and updates.
All these activities are time consuming, and resource intensive.  And draw you away from your core focus--using the software for productivity and operations gains.

So Wonderware has done something about this.  They've developed the Software Asset Manager application, delivered as a non-intrusive, highly portable service, to remove the worries, and hassles, of license management.
Read more about the Software Asset Manager here.


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