Monday, March 4, 2013

5 Important Ways of Mobile Business Intelligence for Retailers

Latest studies and research has developed that the retail industry is on for some major changes and modifications as the trend of mobile business is continuously penetrating the industry. The vibrant use of mobile business intelligence deployed by the companies for improving the quality of data makes sense for the analysis.

The most important point which the retailers need to keep in mind is that the deployment of the strategies of mobile BI is beneficial only if the actual potential of the applications and tools is realized. This happens when the tools are deployed in different situations of the business module that were yet to be touched by analytics of business intelligence. Only this can lead to a successful strategy of mobile business intelligence for retailers.

Let us consider 5 important ways of mobile business intelligence for retailers which can aid them in creating a successful business strategy.

  1. They need to implement solutions which can aid both mobile intelligence as well as enterprise business intelligence

  2. The deployments need to support varied platforms of mobiles, thus facilitating a shift in the operating system in the future

  3. You need to ensure that the BI solution does not need redesigning for maintaining varied rendering of reports

  4. Incorporate an alert facility on the devices for obtaining timely notifications

  5. Leverage all the benefits offered by mobile devices for optimum use of the BI solutions

Often we hear business experts stating that the reaching of the correct data at the correct time to the correct people is extremely vital for the success of any business. This also facilitates right decision making. The ease of use offered by the mobile smartphones and tablets has made information accessible in quick time. The retailers will be benefited with the adaptation of the business intelligence solutions by enabling their decision makers to operate from anywhere. This will also aid the performance, sales and planning of the organization as a whole.

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