Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Why You Should Consider Mobility

Mobility—it means a lot of things these days.  Getting information immediately on a smart device.  Having your system travel with you, unbounded by physical walls of the plant.  Or, “untethering” your application from its PC-bound form.
Over the past few years, we’ve seen a growing number of mobile applications being offered.  If you look on the iStores, there are hundreds of SCADA, HMI, and EMI/BI offerings, from both large vendors (such as Invensys) as well as smaller, point-solutions folks who develop applications strictly for the mobile phone or device.  The great part though is that you now have choices. 

Monday, July 30, 2012

Lates trend in Mobile Application Development: Mobile Business Intelligence

Growth in Mobile Application Industry is reaching new heights; there is a huge rush in the MobileApplication Development industry to bring business applications to these mobile devices. Toeing on these lines, developres have moved a step further in delivering hardcore enterprise applications like Mobile Business Intelligence, catering to the need of business enterprises whether big or small to have an upper hand in cut throat competition. Creating such a technology where information at your fingertips with the help of Mobile Reporting is the need of the hour, as it is increasingly important to survive in this fast growing competitive world.

The need and desire by professionals/ corporates / Business tycoons/ students / academiciansto have an access to their data with the help of mobile devices, led to continuous development and thus, Mobile Business Intelligence came into exsistence. Instead of relying on someone else to create their unique Mobile Reporting, such applications can give them intuitive, simplified tools to do it themselves. Hence this application can give them access to various trends in the market as they can get access to their data faster.

As the modern day proffessionals connected or associated with any field, have a modern version of an office workspace, one which is not restricted to four office walls, a desktop computer with a small area of carpeting.   With the demand from every corner of every business and industry, for a more intelligent mobile application, which can grant access to analytical data, regardless of their proximity to the office, such applications are on the rise. Solving this basic requirement,Mobile Business Intelligencesuccessfully endues the organization savings with efficiency and delivering successful outputs, and thus results in thriving business. Compromised of the smart phone reporting service, Smart Glance, and Mobile Reporting connecter, this provides data connectivity.The user begins receiving reports and data almost immediately once this application is configured his/her device, thus resulting in the creation of a virtual office, wherever you are.

Taking Business the establishment’s ability to make educated business decisions in real time, based on agile interpretation of various streams,Mobile Reporting; feature of Mobile Business Intelligence,supports  state of the art mobile devices as the Apple iPhone, iPad ,iPad touch, Black Berry, android and Micrisift Phone 7. Becoming a strategic tool for businesses as they try to navigate through the current economic shoals by staying up to date on critical business data, this technology is assisting this generation to achieve their goals with high parameters.