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Big Data will Play in 2013, and Reality on an Information System could be in 2013

Big Data will Play in 2013, and Reality on an Information System could be in 2013

Do you know about SmartFire? You Should!

Guest blogger: Kaylen McMullen, Marketing Assistant, Invensys Operations Management
The SmartFire solution from Invensys is based on an extension to SimSci-Esscor’s Connoisseur Advanced Process Control (APC) software. This solution is a boiler optimization application that offers multivariable model predictive control and neural networks. It is often applied to bias furnace air flow distribution and addresses O2 imbalances and regions of high CO. The original application needed some adjustments in order for it to achieve its fullest potential. It was decided that improvements could be made if this offering could automatically determine more optimum air/fuel settings at individual dampers.

SmartFire completes the boiler optimization offering from Invensys by compensating for a phenomenon in coal-fired boilers known as roping. Roping occurs when pulverized coal is fed to a utility boiler, causing disruption to the distribution of coal flow to the coal pipes that supply the burners. This imbalanced distribution causes some regions of the furnace to have more fuel and others to have less fuel.

SmartFire continuously tests the APC system and adapts the models to capture the characteristics of shifting relationships. Operators do not interfere with this process, which optimizes work performance and greatly enhances the bottom line. This solution offers significant improvements in boiler efficiency. After testing the system, there were estimated benefits of $78,000 a year - in addition to the benefits of APC which typically exceed $500,000. This shortens the payback period and is truly unique to the Invensys APC offering.

For more information on SmartFire and Connoisseur, please visit our webpage on

Automation Leaders: 2013 Process Automation Hall of Fame Inductees

Automation Leaders: 2013 Process Automation Hall of Fame Inductees

Congratulations to Dr. Peter Martin, Invensys Fellow, and all of the inductees into the Process Automation Hall of Fame!

Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Using OEE to Drive Operational Improvements for Food Processors

On February 20, Invensys and partner Callisto presented an overview with case studies on why OEE (Overall Equipment Effectiveness) is useful when establishing a continuous improvement culture.

Using examples from customers Campbell Soup and  Mars, Mike Grasley from Callisto discussed why OEE, its fit into DMAIC (Define, Measure, Analyze, Improve), and challenges to implementation of OEE for Continuous Improvement.  Mike finished the presentation with a tangible example, implementing OEE on a packaging line.
For more information, or to view the archived webinar, please visit

Reality of Operational Control through Information, Action and Governance.

Reality of Operational Control through Information, Action and Governance.

REPOST: Accountability Theme Growing in the Industrial Sector

Accountability Theme Growing in the Industrial Sector

Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Life Sciences Solution from Stone Technologies

Read how Stone Technologies used Wonderware InTouch HMI and Wonderware InBatch to increase capabilities at a key biomedical manufacturer. 

Repost: Increasing Productivity with Workflow

Excellent article from Invensys' Tom Troy on the benefits of workflow for industrial enterprises.

Monday, February 25, 2013

Are the days numbered for the Servers on the plant vs a remote data center or cloud?

Are the days numbered for the Servers on the plant vs a remote data center or cloud?

Why Robots are a Good Thing for Automation

Robotic technology has been around since the late 70’s.  Starting in the automotive industry, spawned from aerospace, #robots were seen as a way to inject standardization in manufacturing assembly processes where it could be dangerous or costly to have people involved.  
I got involved with robots in the early 80’s.  I worked for an optical coating company, and we thought the lenses on top of the cameras would give us a new market niche to pursue.  I joined AIA ( ) and started networking with those industry suppliers, both camera manufacturers and visions systems suppliers.   

Real Time Reporting on Mobile Enables Accurate Decision in Business Environments

Maybe it was half a decade back that we used to hear vendors of business intelligence trying to explain that everyone was not in a need for real time information and insights. They further stated that the actual need of people or businesses was the need of right data at the right time to right people. By this they stressed on the importance of real time reporting on mobiles for obtaining accurate decisions for business.

The subset of the information to some subset of utilizers which is delivered overnight will be the aspect which can solve many issues; and most importantly at reasonable costs. There is no business which will intend to deal with high cost and complex issues of revamping millions of dollars via online transaction systems and then converting these to the processing of online analytics. The vendors of business intelligence were of the view that these traditional approaches of bolting the data warehouse to the online transaction system environment for providing the users with all the reports, and also an occasional engine of online processing analytics for obtaining real time data was an economical and effective solution.

The ability of the sales people for performing while on field was sometime back a novel concept according to the leaders of businesses. These employees needed consistent support, and this is where the mobile BI solutions came handy. This aided the sales force to work outside of the traditional settings of the office environment and still stay connected to real time reporting for taking accurate decisions.

Real time reporting on mobile enables accurate decisions by the provision of comprehensive reports from various sources which are accessible with the use of tablets and smartphones. The remote employees get the privilege of taking informed decisions with the introduction of mobile BI solutions, thus facilitating work.

Saturday, February 23, 2013

Get Set to Adopt Mobile BI for Beating Competition

As is the case with any industry or domain, the vertical of business intelligence too has shown signs of constant growth. This growth mostly involves taking the advantage of the latest advancements and technologies in the database analytics and performance capabilities. Mobile BI initiatives mean that you always stay ahead of competition and race. This is related to the provision of value for money to customers and heightening the availability of business intelligence through mobiles.

Whether it comes to the deployment of improved methods, access to the sets of broader information and new capabilities, the companies and businesses are seen pushing the boundaries of the use of mobile BI with the adoption of applications and enhanced technologies in accordance to the trends in the market.

It is important to note that the reason for the strong following of mobile BI is quite obvious. The decision makers are rendered with the facility of accessing the BI tools on their tablets or smart phones while on the go. The thought that the presence and availability of smart phones and tablets is the only reason for the expansion of BI is quite naïve. Other drivers of business too are equally needed along with new technology.

The advent of iPads and iPhones is definitely an element for the widespread use of mobile BI applications. However, it needs to be understood that unless the organisations come to a point where they become ready for adopting BI, nothing can prompt them to the complete use of this enhanced technology. Moreover, the market seems to be quite mature for taking on the tools of mobile business intelligence along with it.

The ameliorated technology and level of comfort obtained with the use of mobile BI applications is quite huge. Companies will only benefit with the use of BI, if they are ready to accept change.

Friday, February 22, 2013

Why is there a Need of Mobile Business Intelligence Tools for the Retail Industry?

The grappling of retailers due to the increasing deluge of data related to consumers has provoked the need of mobile business intelligence tools for the retail industry. This has become imperative for staying in the race and competition of the consumer market.

Tradition has shown that the retail industry uses the tools of BI for tracking historical trends for making better utilisation of lateral minded decisions.  The task of the use of BI for taking informed decisions is vital for the traditional retailers. However, the scaling of such tasks is quite complex due to the multiple legacies of retailers. The customer base too is quite anonymous unlike the online purchasers. The online retail shops have an edge over traditional shops with the presence of customer data. The advent of mobile BI witnesses the use of smartphones and tablets by the customers, thus driving drastic changes in the technology of retail business. The need of speed is felt in context of information and data for the retail industry. Traditional shops are seen losing out to the e-shops as customers like the speed factor and ease of transactions.

The need of the hour is better interaction with clever methods, such as through BI tools. The use of real time information for quick decisions about products and pricing enables clever business ways. The need of mobile business intelligence tools for retail industry are necessary for allowing them to react quickly to the price trends, and offer discounts or other such offers for increasing revenues.

The architecture for business intelligence tools will result in faster decisions for the store managers, and that too in real time. The trend is fast settling in the retail industry for their good. The use of BI tools is not only beneficial for the retailers; the customers too are benefited by instant services and quick access.

REPOST: Virtualization on the plant floor[sViewPointer]=3

by Joel Conover, Paul Hodge, Grant Le Sueur, Anthony Baker, Jim Tessler

Good read by Invensys' Grant Le Sueur and others on the proliferance of using virtualization technologies for project management, delivery, as well as high availability operations.

Thursday, February 21, 2013

Are you ready for the next wave in software?

It seems as if industrial software plunks along for a time, bringing new features and functions to existing software categories, without anything really earth-shaking occurring that makes you stop and go “huh.” I’ve talked a lot about the cloud, and yes, you are getting it from me again.
The reason that all of us are so enthralled with the cloud is not because it’s a cloud, but because of the flexibility, cost savings, and scalability that it can provide you as an end user.  If you think about the change in your behavior when you first started doing on-line banking: some of you were early in, some (like me) carried kicking and screaming into the new technology.  But now, I couldn’t imagine NOT having it.  Late charges on credit cards?  Thing of the past.  Immediate access to my checking, savings accounts? You bet.  But it took an event (well, a couple) to drive me to consider that option—late charges.  And so, you learn, you adapt, and it becomes part of your normal day.

Repost: America’s Aging Infrastructure

America’s Aging Infrastructure
areas for improvement?  Read on.

REPOST: Accountability Theme Growing in the Industrial Sector!

Accountability Theme Growing in the Industrial Sector!
by Tim Sowle, Invensys Fellow

5 Best Advantages of Mobile Dashboards in Business

Business intelligence is taking the commercial world by storm, and the importance of mobile dashboard in this activity is increasing day-by-day. The culture of decision making is getting data driven; however, people are still confused on ways of getting there. Let us consider the 5 best advantages of Mobile Dashboard in business.

Approach of author-once

Instead of getting into the trap of proliferation of dashboards, take the approach of author-once and distribute everywhere. You need to plan the mobile dashboard once for adapting the existing dashboards with the use of BI solutions, thus benefiting everyone in the process.


The better use of the screen space results in putting the most viewed and vital data at top of dashboards. This provides for better data receiving for the business world.

On the go

The use of mobile dashboards has made it easy for the sales persons to view the important files while on the go and take important decisions accordingly. The specific data along with filters makes their job easy.

Customized solutions

The existing dashboards can be customized with the use of mobile intelligence software. You will find this process positively enhancing the usability of the mobile phone. Receiving all the data as per requirements is facilitated due to the optimization of the mobile dashboard.

Leverage the natural process of the mobile

Mobile business intelligence fosters more than just the social interaction provided by traditional BI processes, wherein the employees are just stuck to their desks. With the advent of Mobile BI, employees can now move around at any place and location, and still stay connected with important information and colleagues.

Along with the 5 best advantages of mobile dashboards in business as mentioned above, the high interactivity while walking through live data allows various other benefits too. This function has become a necessity nowadays, and businesses just cannot avoid it anymore.

Integrating DYNSIM, Wonderware Historian and ROMeo

Integrating DYNSIM, Wonderware Historian and ROMeo: Series of 5 videos
How to take simulation, data historian data, and optimization and make the whole greater than the sum of the parts?  These videos by Invensys UK gives you insight into the capabilities of products from SimSci-Esscor and Wonderware.

Wednesday, February 20, 2013

The Secrets of Enterprise Manufacturing Intelligence

Chr. Hansen is using Wonderware Intelligence as their Enterprise Manufacturing Intelligence (EMI) layer.  It provides them with context, analytics, and the ability to monitor & view Key Performance Indicators throughout their operations.  Read more here: The Secrets of Enterprise Manufacturing Intelligence

ARC World Forum: A Great Time for Industry, Part 3

This is the last of the three part series on the #ARC Advisory Group’s World Industry Forum. Invensys was very active, with customer presentations both in the technical tracks (Moving Historian and Production Management to the Cloud with General Mills’ use of SmartGlance, and Getting Smarter with Operator Training Simulators with Ron Cisco/Salt River Project’s use of DYNSIM) as well as in the Social Media track. 

The last panel we participated in was called Social Technologies for Industry, and featured Jon DiPietro, Internet Marketing Consultant; Gary Mintchell of AutomationDaily (previously co-founder, Automation World), Roy Krok VP Marketing, ARC and yours truly representing Invensys.

Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Mobile Business Solution – Enhanced Solutions for Better Business Performance

Mobile Business Solution refers to the allotment of business information and data to mobile devices such as tablet PC's and smartphones. Business intelligence or solutions signifies the computer-based technology and techniques used in checking, locating and analyzing business data, right from the sales revenue generated by the respective departments or/and products as well as calculating the associated incomes and costs.

Mobile business solution aren’t new, but rather an age-old concept. However it has shown a rapid growth and momentum only in the last few years. This transformation has been partially possible due to the change from the “landline phone” era to the latest "mobile and wireless world", where everything's going the “mobile way” today. The introduction of the smartphones and 3G broadband connectivity especially has paved the way for a new era in mobile computing. In fact, it has also lead to a new era even in the field of Mobile Solutions.

It has been observed that a majority of the companies all across the world are rapidly committing and moved to Mobile business solution, in the battle to move with the times. Moreover, even the large amount of external market pressure right from bringing an improvement in the employee and company's productivity, meeting the needs for excellence in business processes, quicker and improvised decision making; to offering better customer service have all lead to its further demand and growth.

Overall, it cannot be denied that mobile business solutions are the need of the day and here to stay for a long time to come. As a matter of fact, going by its current demand and growth in the global market, it cant be denied that its importance and significance in business management is only assumed to multi-fold in the coming years.

Repost: How 3-D Visualisation is Revolutionising Industrial Training

This article first appeared in 3D Visualization World.

Invensys' Peter Richmond, product manager of SimSci-Esscor's EYESIM Virtual Reality Operator Training system, discusses how using 3D virtual reality provides a richer, more realistic perspective to training and systems familiarization.

Repost: 7 Great Examples of Boring Businesses that Act Like Humans in their Marketing

We are all guilty of posting in a disassociated corporate "voice" that at times does not reflect us, our personality, or our unique perspective on the world.  This blog post points out 7 examples of companies that took a slightly different approach to being informative, yet entertaining, in their messaging. 

Of all of the examples, GE stands out, firstly because it's closest to our industry (high tech) and they've actually used pop culture successfully in bringing their point of view and messaging forward--making it relevant to all ages.

So, read on:[7%20Great%20Examples%20of%20]

ARC World Forum: A Great Time for Industry, Part 2

Yesterday, I wrote on Invensys’ participation in a panel on Moving Historian and Production Management to the Cloud.  Today, I’ll write about Ron Cisco and his work at the Salt River Project Power Plant on their use of a dynamic simulator from # SimSci-Esscor.

Monday, February 18, 2013

Utility of Mobile KPI

KPI's stand for Key Performance Indicators which literally means certain tools or units for measuring performance. Thus, KPI's are mostly used to evaluate an organization's success or the performance of any specific activity undertaken by it.

The use of KPI's has been age-old, but selecting the right ones, organizing and making them available whenever and wherever you may need them can be a constantly changing and challenging task and responsibility. The visual KPI types make it much simpler in many ways.

Mobile KPI are distinct in the similar manner as all the mobile content should be, designed for the mobile environment and experience. KPI's tailored for mobile phones should be accountable and easy enough to take quick decisions without detailed analysis and without having to call up other external systems. Another major difference is the rate of frequency with which, the KPI's change. The more frequently they change (secs, mins, hrs) the more likley will you wish to have access to them, irrespective of wherever you are.

They should be able to answer questions like:-

  • · Are we approaching the threshold limit or are we already over capacity?

  • · How's the asset running today?

  • · Did we have a sufficient sale in the last few days or at least today?

  • · Are we nearing the bandwidth limit?

  • · What's our current rate of fuel usage?

  • · Is something;s going wrong “around me” right now?


Apart form this, it is also very important that the concerned mobile KPI are restricted to certain limits and focus on particular targets which can provide you a clear picture of where you stand and at the same time, also alert you when something goes wrong.


Consequently, it takes more than just the current data and mobile KPI, in order to get the required information. Whenever anything goes haywire, you are expected to place the problem in context.

ARC World Forum: A Great Time for Industry

Invensys was proud to participate in the 17th Annual ARC Advisory Group World Industry Forum, February 11-14 in Orlando, FL.  I personally was involved in three sessions: a cloud in manufacturing session (along with our customer from General Mills, who spoke on their use of SmartGlance mobile reporting); a session on operator training simulation, with our customer from the Salt River Project, and a session on social media.

Sunday, February 17, 2013

Mobile Reporting Software – Boost your Business Prospects

Successful are those businesses that have adopted faster means of communication in their operations. Exchanging data with team members in no seconds and reliable ways is necessary for the growth of business. The most cost-effective tools of communication are mobile phones. However, there are often issues like speed, reliability, and connectivity. When any of these issues pop up, it becomes difficult to know how things are going on, this is critical to be successful. Passing on the business matter to the team members is important regardless of how big or small it is. You can make mobiles independent by installing mobile reporting software.

The software is compatible with Smartphone and Tablets. It helps in keeping abreast with the business operations in real time. It is helpful for employees, and management on all levels. Executives can use the software in accessing business reports, making their sales strategy, and getting it confirmed by their managers. They can even share the progress of the field with production, logistics and other departments.

The mobile reporting software has become useful in keeping track of major and minor things. Now businesses have the right performance and improvement tools that can derive big results. Executives and managers are able to make effective decisions quickly with confidence and accuracy. The software helps in identify performance gaps, making adjustments faster and achieve progress in real time.

It is also the right source to get insights on how things are progressing. If nothing is working in the whole operation, you can quickly change your strategy. You can also know who is performing and who is not. You can gain a competitive edge over your rivals what other solutions could not provide you. By getting the mobile reporting software for your company, you are making an ideal investment that can enhance the performance of your business.

Friday, February 15, 2013

ArchestrA Workflow Test Drive: Workflow for Free

By Larry Claussen
Business Development Manager, ArchestrA Workflow, Invensys Operations Management
Have you ever wanted to just try software out before buying? Especially software that you might not be familiar with? A lot of our customers are telling us that a new site we’ve created for ArchestrA Workflow Software allows them to easily, and non-intrusively, gain familiarity with the application and its abilities before they actually buy it.
Archestra Workflow Software is BPM—Business Process Management—software.  It allows people, equipment, and systems to collaborate together, providing enforcement through embedded business rules.  Think of a corrective action procedure, or alarm management practices—you probably use workflow now in order to address and correct them. Well, ArchestrA Workflow Software takes it one step further, by making that remediation part of a “system of record” so that it is repeatable, enforceable, and documented.

Thursday, February 14, 2013

Real Time Reporting is Useful for Speeding Business Processes

They say every second counts in business. And how right are they because many things are at stake. It is not just the investment, but so many lives depended on it. One wrong decision or even a second of delay could cost dearly for the business. It is therefore, necessary to be posted on every aspect of the business no matter if you are within, or off the premises. Receiving updates are easy being at the desk. The problem is when you are moving out, or on a business trip. To tackle this common situation, adhering to real-time reporting system is very useful.

It is now a pass when corporate accountants had all the time at their end to assemble, analyze and pack the financial data for the executives. However, in the last few years business has changed rapidly. Innovations have occupied a key position in the business, and its pace has proven excessively ahead than the practices followed before. The old traditional methods of sending message have become outdated.

To match with the new scenes in the business, corporate entities are resorting to the real time reporting system. With this method, organizations are able to create a data warehouse that could be accessed in any part of the world, or download the information on their computer and mobile screen. The system is applicable not only for the financial data, but also for all kinds of data related to business such as logistics, maintenance, sales management, expense reporting, production, inventory and lots more.

Sharing data with the respective people right from the senior to the middle management even while on the move has improved a lot with the real-time reporting. Companies are now able to receive any size of financial data with greater speed and accuracy enabling them to achieve their targets.

Thursday, February 7, 2013

A Look at Industrial Operational Management Environment in 2020

A Look at Industrial Operational Management Environment in 2020
by Tim Sowle, Invensys Fellow and VP of System Strategy at Invensys Operations Management

Usage of Mobile Reporting Apps

The advent of different gadgets almost each day has made modern man become absolutely dependant on it, so much so that he finds life out of control without their presence in his life. It explains the reason behind manufacturers of gadget companies bringing out new devices with a new application than another, each day.

One such latest advent of gadgets is one wherein there is mobile business intelligence solution provided that transfers data or other information from major BI or business intelligence applications or systems. The latest iPad and iPhone have all the added advantages of data being transferred from such BI or business intelligence systems.

In fact, a few of the mobile reporting apps as INHOPE mobile, which is a tool for being engaged in reporting Child Sexual Abuse can easily be made use of by people for the same purpose. It contains information found on the internet dealing with child sexual abuse cases, and people can make use of that for reporting on child sexual abuse cases and how to report the same.

Besides, there are some other applications as well that can be made use of by citizens who find it comparatively easier for reporting about local issues and decrease call- centre workload with the aid of the public reporting applications.

Moreover, there is the SAP Citizen Connect mobile application wherein people from different communities as well as places can connect with each other through these applications. The best part of these mobile reporting applications is that many of them today can actually be downloaded for a cost free option. Especially with young people, the mobile reporting apps are a complete hit, who like to do everything through the internet. Hence next time, you coms across some crime or injustice that you feel needs to be reported, you know where to head to!

Big Data in Manufacturing

By Michael Schwarz, Invensys, Manager, Advanced Applications Product Marketing
The term “Big Data” describes the dramatically growing amounts of data being generated, transferred and stored. It is overlaid with the increasing use of information technology, global networking, and digital devices to manage, view, store, and control it.

Big Data is not just for consumers.  The same phenomenon is happening in business management, commerce, entertainment and social communications, as well as in manufacturing operations.  Big Data demands storage capacity and computing performance, driving new opportunities for enhanced intelligence and tools to offer users informed decision making.

Wednesday, February 6, 2013

The next generation of interfaces for process engineering software

Invensys' Scott Brown discusses new methods of visualization and modeling available for the process engineer.

Pinto Prognostications 2013 | Automation World

Some interesting  predictions from industry notable Jim Pinto.  Certainly, Invensys' foray into smart device-enabled mobile solutions (such as SmartGlance), cloud computing (tiered Historian, mobile reporting, and cloud-enabled BPM) are tangible deliverables that reinforce Jim's position. Pinto Prognostications 2013 | Automation World

Mobile Dashboard solves many communication hassles

In literal terms a dashboard refers to a real-time UI or a page (mostly, single) that showcases a graphical representation of the present condition and serial trends observed in a company's KPI's . These graphs assist the concerned user in taking spontaneous yet accurate and logical decisions. However, please note that, dashboards are completely different from routine score-cards, even though both the options sound quite similar.

For instance, a dashboard of a production company may show detailed KPI's related to manufacturing right from the number of failed quality inspections to the number of concerned parts manufactured per hour. Similarly, a mobile dashboard shows KPI's related to the various functions related to the concerned mobile phone.

As, most of the mobile phones have a comparatively restricted viewing space, It is always recommended to have a mobile dashboard design that can easily cope up with most of the concerned limitations and drawbacks of the device, primarily the available screen-space. Moreover, a mobile phone also has certain limitations with respect to some of its in-built functions and apps like saving data and PDF files, downloading data, KPI ( Key Performance Indicators) pop-ups etc. Technically, the reason behind the same is the absence of a Java-Script in these phones, which is exactly where the mobile dashboard steals the shows as they make use of a Java-script language tool for all their important interactions.

A dashboard for a mobile phone can be designed by using any of the two methods noted below:-

  1. A dashboard design restricted solely for mobile access or

  2. A dashboard design for both, the Web browser as well as the mobile access.

Some of the major benefits of having an on-board mobile dashboard on the device include:-

  • Saves your valuable time

  • Helps to check, identify and, thus rectify negative trends

  • Provides an access and better visibility to multiple systems instantly

Tuesday, February 5, 2013

NEW! Wonderware InBatch 2012 Training

NEW! InBatch 2012 Training

InBatch is Invensys' ISA-88 compliant batch management software.  With tight integration to ArchestrA System Platform, InBatch is PLC/DCS-independent, rigourous, scalable batch software.  Invensys is offering the latest training on InBatch 2012 in our Lake Forest, CA offices on a quarterly basis. Check the website for upcoming sessions.

How do you see the latest technologies? Visit a road show!

Wonderware Midwest, a channel partner of Invensys, kicks off the new year with a series of roadshows, designed to bring the newest products and technologies from Wonderware to you. This is a great way of seeing what's new, without having to wait for a large user group to happen, and it also allows you the opportunity of speaking with product experts about YOUR issues and challenges.

Some of the new products you'll see are: ArchestrA Workflow, for collaboration and standardization of best practices; System Platform 2012, showing the newest way to achieve scalable real-time operations; and the updated suite of Wonderware Manufacturing Execution System, with MES/Quality, for capture and analysis of quality data, real-time SPC and work order management.

Your Wonderware distributor offers technical, service and product expertise, and these roadshows are a way to meet them within a locale convenient to you.

Transfer of Mobile Business Intelligence

Both a boon and a bane are the advent of advanced and new gadgets each day. Modern man has become absolutely dependant on the gadgets. In fact, daily life without the presence of the gadgets has become just impossible for him and he desires that his gadget, whatever it is, will make his tasks easier for him.

One such gadget developed in recent times is a MI or a Mobile Business Intelligence or Mobile Intelligence gadget. It means the distribution of any business data or records to mobile devices as smartphones as well as tablet computers. BI or business intelligence refers to computer- based methods or technology made use of in analysing business data, digging- out as well as spotting revenue of sales by products and/or associated costs and incomes or departments.

Even though, concept of mobile computing has been common as well as prevalent for more than a decade now, Mobile BI has shown a growth only in recent times or years. One cause for the change is because of a change from the concept of being wired to that of going wireless. In fact, due to the advantage given by smartphones bringing about a new era of mobile computing, even BI has got a boost.

According to reports of the Aberdeen Group, in modern times, a large number of companies are adapting to the technology of BI, as there are a big number of market pressures like an improvement in employee productivity, for a better as well as faster decision making, for better customer service, delivery of real- time bi- directional access of data for making decision anytime and every time, as well as higher efficiency; especially in business processes, (e.g., time spent looking for information).

One of the commonest methods for accessing mobile business intelligence information is by making use of proprietary software or a Web browser on a personal computer for connecting to BI applications.

Monday, February 4, 2013

2/6/13 Webinar: Wonderware Energy Management Solutions Driving Enterprise Energy Initiatives

2/6/13 Webinar: Wonderware Energy Management Solutions Driving Enterprise Energy Initiatives
Why Corporate Energy Management?  Well, if you think about it, energy is a property of the Bill of Material, same as packaging, or labor, or ingredients.  The ability to manage energy at its source (ie, the meter) is an effective and powerful means of gaining visibility to this important cost of product.  Join Wonderware North and Invensys' Rudy Engert as they discuss the means of incorporating energy management into your operations strategy.

For more information about Corporate Energy Management, please visit

Friday, February 1, 2013

Why automate food safety solutions?

By Niels Andersen, VP Manufacturing Business Consulting, Invensys Operations Management

We are now on track to get a revised food safety system in place in the USA. President Obama signed the Food Safety Modernization Act into law on January 4, 2011, and the FDA issued the proposed rules to fulfill the requirements for preventive controls in human food on January 4, 2013. The proposed rules are based on widely-accepted industry standards, so there should be few surprises for manufacturers. There is still work to be done to get the finalized rules in place, but there is now little doubt that the Food Safety Modernization Act is here to stay.

With the Food Safety Act in play, the question that Invensys now asks ourselves is "how do we bring value to our customers by automating food safety solutions?"