Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Make Informed Decisions with Mobile Business Analytics

Beyond the mobile platforms and the various apps for mobile business there is only one thing which is important – Mobile business analytics. The understanding of the statistics and bigger information which drives these huge numbers aids the enterprises and also the IT department in comprehending the trends of mobile enterprise. Mobile business analytics is extremely necessary for businesses; however, the importance of this virtue is quite relative. This means that everything depends on you asking the concerned people.

Though mobile business analytics may sound as a huge word for the huge numbers, when you are able to dissect it, you get a chance of witnessing what it means exactly and the part which it plays in the mobile enterprise.

Mobile business analytics is mostly called as BI or business intelligence. This is a set of processes, methodologies, technologies and architecture which transforms the raw information into one that is useful and meaningful. This data is used for predicting the trends and then planning the strategies; both inside the office and also the market. As a matter of fact, the term BI was first coined as some blanket term for describing the methods and concepts for improvement of the decision making in business with the use of support systems based on facts.

This brings us to the question as to what is the exact role of mobile business analytics in IT and enterprises. For the beginners, this technology allows the individuals in these positions to perform better with informed decision making at the right time and place. This is true when they are present anywhere in this world. Business intelligence permits the busy executives to utilize their time better and efficiently and also collaborate with colleagues for garnering highest results possible. The most important quality of mobile business analytics is the identification of trends in the customer line and the weaknesses of the business for supporting overall client experience.

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