Monday, March 25, 2013

Increase Customer Loyalty with Real time Reporting on Mobiles

With the coming of business intelligence in every aspect of enterprises, everything that is done these days seems to be associated with briskness and timely delivery. The real time decision making concept is showing significant shifts with this rapid adoption smartphones shown by businesses everywhere around the globe.

Till the recent times, the notion about obtaining real time reporting information has been referred to as the ability of delivering the web results quickly. This means that the information needs to be delivered immediately when it gets posted on the company website. This process is seen as mostly been anchored for use of computers which had internet connections. Information is then delivered briskly as compared to the speed of getting to the computer; however, this may not be as quick at all.

With changing times and technology, we are able to witness or really see what happens in real time. The ease offered for implementation of easy- for- use systems of mobile feedback also permits virtually any company to compile information which can then be used as real time reporting for making informed decisions for business. This then reflects significantly on the performance of the business as a whole.

The technology of real time reporting is seen rapidly being adopted by various business concerns for different uses. The ability of easily deploying the mobile information tools for collection and mobile reporting the results in the formats which are capable of being tailored according to the needs of the business is increasing.

When we consider an example for the hospitality sector; real time reporting helps in understanding the feedback of customers, and also the sentiments which present the real opportunities for the business in this domain. Use of the mobile approach provides opportunities in the most critical aspects for this sector. Real time reporting aids in fixing issues if any before they actually affect the clients, thus increasing loyalty.

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