Saturday, June 2, 2012

Few Ways to Increase Sales Using Mobile BI

Mobile business intelligence results in a thriving business. Amongst savings in efficiency and ownership of the metrics and in turn driving these metrics for successful outputs, Mobile BI truly endues the organization. The sales process of the company in highly influenced with the use of Mobile Reporting and BI.

Some of the key points which show that a sale is influenced by the use of Mobile BI are listed below:

Cognition of methods in deals

Having a mobile with Mobile BI application in hand, the sales team can keep a tab of the key performance indicators of winning deals. They get an in-depth know how of what is needed to win deals and can also keep a track of them in the process. This gives them the privilege of discussing winning ways in meetings and general conversations on the phone about the methods to adapt for getting the right combination of techniques for winning sales deals. The aid received in understanding the positioning of your products and the attributes of the service provided by you get highlighted with the proper use of Mobile BI. The constant availability of data helps in getting success for the sales team.

Mobile Reporting can be used by the management for discussing key issues of deals with the sales team. The management is able to get proper insight not only about the performance of their team, but also about the performance of their products. They can in turn aid the sales personnel in closing important and tricky deals. The manager can also instruct their team to sell product bundles for increasing the ROI for the clients. Such excellent applications and uses of Mobile BI make it a must have for any organization or company.

Supervision of buying cycles

The revenue cycle of any organization is related to the engagement procedure for customers followed by the company and keeping a close tab on the buying cycles of clients. These are the key performance indicators for any organization. The applications provided by Mobile BI provide this important data via Mobile Reporting. It also gives a proper timeframe for engaging with clients. This data is handy when you engage your esteemed customers for effectively maximizing the revenues of the company.

Save time on unwanted activities

The most frequent problem faced by sales teams of different industries is spending quality time on activities which provide very little or no yield for the company. The use of Mobile will assist them in focusing only on activities that produce good yields for the organization. Shifting attention to high yielding activities will in turn reflect on the revenue generation of the company. Increased revenue result in increased rewards for the employees and also increased efficiency on part of them. It is a win-win situation for everyone involved.

To conclude, It is a must have as far as increasing the sales of your company goes. It is bound to help you get recurring income from customers who are satisfied on account of the brisk service provided to them by the sales force.

How Mobile Reporting Is Delivering Real Value?

Mobile business intelligence has launched itself in this era for providing solutions which are designed for giving the users an interface which is not only intuitive but also easy for using. With Mobile BI, the rate at which decisions are taken by organizations has increased drastically as compared to the companies who are still not adept at using the power of Mobile Reporting platforms.

Moreover, the return on investment i.e. the real value in terms of benefits provided by Mobile BI is not just concerned with fast decision making for the management and stakeholders of any organization. To get a complete idea of calculating the real value delivered by Mobile BI we also need to mull over the fact that its use renders employees to make more use of Business Intelligence. Add to this is the fact that Mobile BI applications are easy to use.

Mobile BI users a latest utility and interfaces which in turn are responsible for delivering real value to your organization. Setting of dashboards for the solutions provided by Mobile BI with the relevant data needed aids in getting the prefect status about the performance of your business at any given time and place.

Mobile Reporting also ensures a secured access to important corporate communications. Mobile BI is more about becoming agile and responsive to the customer needs with brisk solutions and that too without having to take a resistive path. The ability of performance of the employees on field in heightened with the use of Mobile Reporting. This in turn will reflect on the revenues of the company. On account of the brisk decisions taken on field, the end customers of the company are also benefited. The issues regarding the clients get resolved faster in the process. This leads to lesser attrition rates as far as the clients go.

Mobile BI always keeps you informed about the process of your work. You gain maximum visibility of your work anytime and anywhere. You project pipeline is always under your scanner and this helps in proper scheduling of work. The companies using Mobile BI are successful in improving the overall sales process.

The solutions gifted by Mobile BI provide the users an easy method to interact, navigate and access important information, analyze it correctly and then take decisions the right way. The decisions are more data driven than instinct driven. This data is also among the firewalls of the company making it more secure.