Friday, February 22, 2013

Why is there a Need of Mobile Business Intelligence Tools for the Retail Industry?

The grappling of retailers due to the increasing deluge of data related to consumers has provoked the need of mobile business intelligence tools for the retail industry. This has become imperative for staying in the race and competition of the consumer market.

Tradition has shown that the retail industry uses the tools of BI for tracking historical trends for making better utilisation of lateral minded decisions.  The task of the use of BI for taking informed decisions is vital for the traditional retailers. However, the scaling of such tasks is quite complex due to the multiple legacies of retailers. The customer base too is quite anonymous unlike the online purchasers. The online retail shops have an edge over traditional shops with the presence of customer data. The advent of mobile BI witnesses the use of smartphones and tablets by the customers, thus driving drastic changes in the technology of retail business. The need of speed is felt in context of information and data for the retail industry. Traditional shops are seen losing out to the e-shops as customers like the speed factor and ease of transactions.

The need of the hour is better interaction with clever methods, such as through BI tools. The use of real time information for quick decisions about products and pricing enables clever business ways. The need of mobile business intelligence tools for retail industry are necessary for allowing them to react quickly to the price trends, and offer discounts or other such offers for increasing revenues.

The architecture for business intelligence tools will result in faster decisions for the store managers, and that too in real time. The trend is fast settling in the retail industry for their good. The use of BI tools is not only beneficial for the retailers; the customers too are benefited by instant services and quick access.

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