Monday, February 18, 2013

Utility of Mobile KPI

KPI's stand for Key Performance Indicators which literally means certain tools or units for measuring performance. Thus, KPI's are mostly used to evaluate an organization's success or the performance of any specific activity undertaken by it.

The use of KPI's has been age-old, but selecting the right ones, organizing and making them available whenever and wherever you may need them can be a constantly changing and challenging task and responsibility. The visual KPI types make it much simpler in many ways.

Mobile KPI are distinct in the similar manner as all the mobile content should be, designed for the mobile environment and experience. KPI's tailored for mobile phones should be accountable and easy enough to take quick decisions without detailed analysis and without having to call up other external systems. Another major difference is the rate of frequency with which, the KPI's change. The more frequently they change (secs, mins, hrs) the more likley will you wish to have access to them, irrespective of wherever you are.

They should be able to answer questions like:-

  • · Are we approaching the threshold limit or are we already over capacity?

  • · How's the asset running today?

  • · Did we have a sufficient sale in the last few days or at least today?

  • · Are we nearing the bandwidth limit?

  • · What's our current rate of fuel usage?

  • · Is something;s going wrong “around me” right now?


Apart form this, it is also very important that the concerned mobile KPI are restricted to certain limits and focus on particular targets which can provide you a clear picture of where you stand and at the same time, also alert you when something goes wrong.


Consequently, it takes more than just the current data and mobile KPI, in order to get the required information. Whenever anything goes haywire, you are expected to place the problem in context.

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