Saturday, February 23, 2013

Get Set to Adopt Mobile BI for Beating Competition

As is the case with any industry or domain, the vertical of business intelligence too has shown signs of constant growth. This growth mostly involves taking the advantage of the latest advancements and technologies in the database analytics and performance capabilities. Mobile BI initiatives mean that you always stay ahead of competition and race. This is related to the provision of value for money to customers and heightening the availability of business intelligence through mobiles.

Whether it comes to the deployment of improved methods, access to the sets of broader information and new capabilities, the companies and businesses are seen pushing the boundaries of the use of mobile BI with the adoption of applications and enhanced technologies in accordance to the trends in the market.

It is important to note that the reason for the strong following of mobile BI is quite obvious. The decision makers are rendered with the facility of accessing the BI tools on their tablets or smart phones while on the go. The thought that the presence and availability of smart phones and tablets is the only reason for the expansion of BI is quite naïve. Other drivers of business too are equally needed along with new technology.

The advent of iPads and iPhones is definitely an element for the widespread use of mobile BI applications. However, it needs to be understood that unless the organisations come to a point where they become ready for adopting BI, nothing can prompt them to the complete use of this enhanced technology. Moreover, the market seems to be quite mature for taking on the tools of mobile business intelligence along with it.

The ameliorated technology and level of comfort obtained with the use of mobile BI applications is quite huge. Companies will only benefit with the use of BI, if they are ready to accept change.

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