Monday, February 25, 2013

Real Time Reporting on Mobile Enables Accurate Decision in Business Environments

Maybe it was half a decade back that we used to hear vendors of business intelligence trying to explain that everyone was not in a need for real time information and insights. They further stated that the actual need of people or businesses was the need of right data at the right time to right people. By this they stressed on the importance of real time reporting on mobiles for obtaining accurate decisions for business.

The subset of the information to some subset of utilizers which is delivered overnight will be the aspect which can solve many issues; and most importantly at reasonable costs. There is no business which will intend to deal with high cost and complex issues of revamping millions of dollars via online transaction systems and then converting these to the processing of online analytics. The vendors of business intelligence were of the view that these traditional approaches of bolting the data warehouse to the online transaction system environment for providing the users with all the reports, and also an occasional engine of online processing analytics for obtaining real time data was an economical and effective solution.

The ability of the sales people for performing while on field was sometime back a novel concept according to the leaders of businesses. These employees needed consistent support, and this is where the mobile BI solutions came handy. This aided the sales force to work outside of the traditional settings of the office environment and still stay connected to real time reporting for taking accurate decisions.

Real time reporting on mobile enables accurate decisions by the provision of comprehensive reports from various sources which are accessible with the use of tablets and smartphones. The remote employees get the privilege of taking informed decisions with the introduction of mobile BI solutions, thus facilitating work.

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