Thursday, February 7, 2013

Usage of Mobile Reporting Apps

The advent of different gadgets almost each day has made modern man become absolutely dependant on it, so much so that he finds life out of control without their presence in his life. It explains the reason behind manufacturers of gadget companies bringing out new devices with a new application than another, each day.

One such latest advent of gadgets is one wherein there is mobile business intelligence solution provided that transfers data or other information from major BI or business intelligence applications or systems. The latest iPad and iPhone have all the added advantages of data being transferred from such BI or business intelligence systems.

In fact, a few of the mobile reporting apps as INHOPE mobile, which is a tool for being engaged in reporting Child Sexual Abuse can easily be made use of by people for the same purpose. It contains information found on the internet dealing with child sexual abuse cases, and people can make use of that for reporting on child sexual abuse cases and how to report the same.

Besides, there are some other applications as well that can be made use of by citizens who find it comparatively easier for reporting about local issues and decrease call- centre workload with the aid of the public reporting applications.

Moreover, there is the SAP Citizen Connect mobile application wherein people from different communities as well as places can connect with each other through these applications. The best part of these mobile reporting applications is that many of them today can actually be downloaded for a cost free option. Especially with young people, the mobile reporting apps are a complete hit, who like to do everything through the internet. Hence next time, you coms across some crime or injustice that you feel needs to be reported, you know where to head to!

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