Thursday, February 21, 2013

5 Best Advantages of Mobile Dashboards in Business

Business intelligence is taking the commercial world by storm, and the importance of mobile dashboard in this activity is increasing day-by-day. The culture of decision making is getting data driven; however, people are still confused on ways of getting there. Let us consider the 5 best advantages of Mobile Dashboard in business.

Approach of author-once

Instead of getting into the trap of proliferation of dashboards, take the approach of author-once and distribute everywhere. You need to plan the mobile dashboard once for adapting the existing dashboards with the use of BI solutions, thus benefiting everyone in the process.


The better use of the screen space results in putting the most viewed and vital data at top of dashboards. This provides for better data receiving for the business world.

On the go

The use of mobile dashboards has made it easy for the sales persons to view the important files while on the go and take important decisions accordingly. The specific data along with filters makes their job easy.

Customized solutions

The existing dashboards can be customized with the use of mobile intelligence software. You will find this process positively enhancing the usability of the mobile phone. Receiving all the data as per requirements is facilitated due to the optimization of the mobile dashboard.

Leverage the natural process of the mobile

Mobile business intelligence fosters more than just the social interaction provided by traditional BI processes, wherein the employees are just stuck to their desks. With the advent of Mobile BI, employees can now move around at any place and location, and still stay connected with important information and colleagues.

Along with the 5 best advantages of mobile dashboards in business as mentioned above, the high interactivity while walking through live data allows various other benefits too. This function has become a necessity nowadays, and businesses just cannot avoid it anymore.

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