Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Transfer of Mobile Business Intelligence

Both a boon and a bane are the advent of advanced and new gadgets each day. Modern man has become absolutely dependant on the gadgets. In fact, daily life without the presence of the gadgets has become just impossible for him and he desires that his gadget, whatever it is, will make his tasks easier for him.

One such gadget developed in recent times is a MI or a Mobile Business Intelligence or Mobile Intelligence gadget. It means the distribution of any business data or records to mobile devices as smartphones as well as tablet computers. BI or business intelligence refers to computer- based methods or technology made use of in analysing business data, digging- out as well as spotting revenue of sales by products and/or associated costs and incomes or departments.

Even though, concept of mobile computing has been common as well as prevalent for more than a decade now, Mobile BI has shown a growth only in recent times or years. One cause for the change is because of a change from the concept of being wired to that of going wireless. In fact, due to the advantage given by smartphones bringing about a new era of mobile computing, even BI has got a boost.

According to reports of the Aberdeen Group, in modern times, a large number of companies are adapting to the technology of BI, as there are a big number of market pressures like an improvement in employee productivity, for a better as well as faster decision making, for better customer service, delivery of real- time bi- directional access of data for making decision anytime and every time, as well as higher efficiency; especially in business processes, (e.g., time spent looking for information).

One of the commonest methods for accessing mobile business intelligence information is by making use of proprietary software or a Web browser on a personal computer for connecting to BI applications.

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