Friday, February 15, 2013

ArchestrA Workflow Test Drive: Workflow for Free

By Larry Claussen
Business Development Manager, ArchestrA Workflow, Invensys Operations Management
Have you ever wanted to just try software out before buying? Especially software that you might not be familiar with? A lot of our customers are telling us that a new site we’ve created for ArchestrA Workflow Software allows them to easily, and non-intrusively, gain familiarity with the application and its abilities before they actually buy it.
Archestra Workflow Software is BPM—Business Process Management—software.  It allows people, equipment, and systems to collaborate together, providing enforcement through embedded business rules.  Think of a corrective action procedure, or alarm management practices—you probably use workflow now in order to address and correct them. Well, ArchestrA Workflow Software takes it one step further, by making that remediation part of a “system of record” so that it is repeatable, enforceable, and documented.
Intrigued? Then please try for free! We’ve created the ArchestrA Workflow evaluation site, where you can sign up and try out the Workflow software—without cost or obligation. The site is role based—meaning, it has different functions for different roles that you’ll find in the plant: a Quality role, an Engineering role, a Manager’s role, and an Administrator’s role.
Once you sign up, you will be able to log in and gain the user experience, starting from the perspective of the quality control person doing a test out on the line, finding a quality issue and suggesting that production be held until the problem is resolved. The production supervisor is then notified of the suggested production hold with the information on the form that the quality representative has identified. He can then approve the production hold or continue production. If the production supervisor does in fact approve the production hold the inventory control manager is notified with all the information and can confirm the production hold.
ArchestrA Workflow Software's Test Drive allows you to see the workflow running live, and see specific detailed information about each step. Because it is a cloud based solution, it  only requires an Internet Explorer to get started. And, it is integrated with an iPad and iPhone application for mobile access.
So, if you would like to easily try out workflow software, now's your chance.  Visit ArchestrA Workflow Software Test Drive to see the ease and power of having an industrial BPM in your organization.
Try it out at today at:



  1. Larry do you have a link to the evaluation site? This is terrific.

  2. Try:
    and thank you for your interest!