Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Mobile Dashboard solves many communication hassles

In literal terms a dashboard refers to a real-time UI or a page (mostly, single) that showcases a graphical representation of the present condition and serial trends observed in a company's KPI's . These graphs assist the concerned user in taking spontaneous yet accurate and logical decisions. However, please note that, dashboards are completely different from routine score-cards, even though both the options sound quite similar.

For instance, a dashboard of a production company may show detailed KPI's related to manufacturing right from the number of failed quality inspections to the number of concerned parts manufactured per hour. Similarly, a mobile dashboard shows KPI's related to the various functions related to the concerned mobile phone.

As, most of the mobile phones have a comparatively restricted viewing space, It is always recommended to have a mobile dashboard design that can easily cope up with most of the concerned limitations and drawbacks of the device, primarily the available screen-space. Moreover, a mobile phone also has certain limitations with respect to some of its in-built functions and apps like saving data and PDF files, downloading data, KPI ( Key Performance Indicators) pop-ups etc. Technically, the reason behind the same is the absence of a Java-Script in these phones, which is exactly where the mobile dashboard steals the shows as they make use of a Java-script language tool for all their important interactions.

A dashboard for a mobile phone can be designed by using any of the two methods noted below:-

  1. A dashboard design restricted solely for mobile access or

  2. A dashboard design for both, the Web browser as well as the mobile access.

Some of the major benefits of having an on-board mobile dashboard on the device include:-

  • Saves your valuable time

  • Helps to check, identify and, thus rectify negative trends

  • Provides an access and better visibility to multiple systems instantly

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