Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Repost: A Shift In Focus: The Value Of Serialization, with comments


Serialization, or the ability to capture individually-identified product elements within a final version, is integral for any product that has compliance requirements.  Serialization has always been a foundational function of a Manufacturing Execution System.  The ability to track components prior to assembly, or blending, allows manufacturers or processors better visibility into the performance of these components, as well as a firmer handle on quality and any remediation efforts that occur if a product fault occurs.

Wonderware MES, coupled with ArchestrA Workflow, provides the backbone for providing deep and complete serialization tracking of components and lots.  It reinforces compliance efforts with closed-loop track/trace/genealogy.  We'll be talking more about ArchestrA Workflow in pharmaceutical at our Users Conference-- so join us and see why we say it's a Revolution.

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