Sunday, September 8, 2013

Repost, with comments: Being found vs. being sought

If you have never read Seth Godin, you should.  He has "nuggets" of insight that for today's world make perfect sense.  This post on being found vs being sought is a great example of how we as marketers must deal with today's world, in which there is so much noise out there that you need to somehow differentiate and really sharpen & direct your value to your audience.  Seth cites social marketing as the key method of being sought, and I agree.  Building out your brand, whether it's a physical product or yourself, is imperative.  It's not enough anymore to simply place an ad in a magazine and hope they will come (I wish!).  It is a multi-faceted and dimensional effort today to get that mindshare and eventually wallet share of your audience.

Look at companies like Apple, Amazon, Microsoft.  They've gone above & beyond in creating demand for their products. We at Invensys hope that we are creating that value for you, so that you do seek us as a potential partner in your journey for industrial automation excellence.

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