Thursday, September 12, 2013

Repost, with Comments: Sustainability | Food Plants of the Future: Not Bigger, Just Smarter

Sustainability | Food Plants of the Future: Not Bigger, Just Smarter

Wonderware Corporate Energy Management with Wonderware Intelligence allows KPI monitoring of energy consumption

As Food Processing so aptly states in the beginning of their article, food companies are being forced to work harder, and leaner.  Workforces are thinning, margins are tight, and we in automation are working together with these companies to provide them with the tools that give insight into energy consumption, monitor Key Performance Indicators, and allow proactive response to outlying performance behavior in the processing function.

Products like Wonderware Corporate Energy Management use a model-based approach to gather real-time readings from steam, water, and power meters.  They can become the backbone of any sustainability initiative for reducing resource consumption. 

For compliance issues, such as those mandated by the Food Safety Modernization Act, Wonderware offers Workflow and MES (Manufacturing Execution Systems) to create a system of record that can be monitored, enforced, and if breaches occur, remediated. Coupling MES and Workflow allows manufacturers to build an infrastructure of compliance--with task management, corrective actions, and standard responses to events built into the system.

All of these solutions, in total, provide the food processors with an infrastructure for control, visibility, and cost management of their operations, enabling a leaner, more proactive approach to manufacturing.

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