Thursday, September 19, 2013

Cloud for Industry Eye Opener Seminar: An Excellent Time Was Had By All

Microsoft has 9 data centers worldwide for Azure hosting

We just kicked off the first of 3 FREE Eye Opener Seminars on the Cloud for Industry: Proof Points.  A packed room heard Jason Short/Microsoft, Paul Shelton & Saadi Kermani/Invensys and Mike West/Saugatuck Technologies speak on the readiness of the cloud, the applicability to industrial automation, proof points of use, and products available today.

We started off with Microsoft's Jason Short providing a detailed discussion of the readiness for Microsoft with Azure.  They have 9 data centers worldwide, with dedicated "pipes" that serve only them.  Triple redundancy is a feature so that customers are ensured of secure, safe computing.  Azure is the platform that Invensys has chosen for their cloud-based automation and reporting products.

We then brought up Mike West from Saugatuck Technology, an analyst firm specializing in all that is cloud.  Mike went over the industry and its players, with specific emphasis on those in the industrial automation industry, which of course included Invensys in all categories, from reporting through analysis.

The final part of the day was with Invensys' Paul Shelton and Saadi Kermani's overview of the trends and movement in the market, what's "hot" in industry today--mobile, cloud, big data, social--and how Invensys is capturing and commercializing these trends.
Saadi Kermani discusses Mobility Solutions from Invensys
Paul and Saadi discussed three specific product offerings, and one service offering, that are now available:
1. Wonderware Tiered Historian, for secure cloud-based reporting and analysis, meeting your "big data" needs for enterprise intelligence
2. Wonderware SmartGlance, a cloud (or on-premises) smart device enabled reporting product, bringing data from Historians, MES, ArchestrA Reports into a rich, interactive, portable format
3. Skelta BPM.NET, an enterprise-class Business Process Management tool that can be a SaaS
4. Proactive Remote Monitoring, a new cloud-based service, to be introduced soon, that provides network and application oversight.

There are still two more free seminars: Chicago, November 12 and Boston, November 14.  For more information, or to register, please visit:

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