Friday, August 2, 2013

Repost, with comments: CPG marketing differs for boomers and millennials

An interesting commentary on the differences in buying habits of boomers and millenials--tried and true versus try anything.

How can we take this knowledge and better attract a new audience for our automation products?  I'd say, in the same way that they buy CPG products.  Tout the new stuff, versus the stuff we do now that highlights the safety, security, and standardization of our products.  Not that it's not important, but it doesn't tip the scale.  It's a given.

Apparently, the newer generation isn't afraid to try new things, make mistakes, push the envelope.  And that's great from an industry momentum perspective.  Because we have long been wrestling with an industry that is slow to change, and rightfully so, because productivity and lives have depended on that thoughtful, rational approach to process control and industrial automation.

This definitely has me thinking--mobility, cloud, usability of our apps--is that the way to go?
What do you think?  Let me know:

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