Friday, August 2, 2013

Repost: "Quantum strategy" is the secret to Apple's success....with comments

in this article from Business Week, they discuss the strategy of being at two places at the same time:

In Apple's case, this manifested itself in being the best at both innovative design and manufacturing.
It's an interesting concept.  We've always been taught to really be good at one thing--nail it--and that's not only acceptable, but the norm.  And here Apple goes again, toppling status quo and continuing its genius in marketing.

But looking deeper, isn't that really the foundation of marketing?  The 5 P's--Product, Place, Promotion, Price, Packaging?  To be good, you need to do all 5 in order to win.  Apple does all of them really well, and normally wins.  But these 5 aspects of getting a product to market still exist, and still must be considered to win.

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