Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Coca-Cola Swaziland uses Wonderware Solutions to Optimize Energy Usage and Reduce Costs

Recognizing the need for an effective energy management strategy, Coca-Cola Swaziland (Conco Ltd.) decided to investigate further and what they found surprised everyone.

While there are many definitions for energy management, they mostly focus on two aspects; maximizing profits or minimizing costs through lower energy consumption. However, it’s rare to see actual practical examples of how one actually goes about achieving these desirable goals and that’s because the solution is a great deal more complex than switching off something when it’s not in use.

Coca-Cola Swaziland  selected a range of software solutions from the Invensys Wonderware stable to help them manage energy consumption and costs. These solutions included the System Platform based on ArchestrA technology, Historian and Client, InTouch SCADA / HMI, Information Server, SmartGlance for mobile reporting and Wonderware’s Corporate Energy Management (CEM) package.

Read the entire story of their success here.

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