Friday, August 2, 2013

ArchestrA Workflow from Wonderware Supports the Coolest New Tablets

by Jim Frider, Product Marketing Manager, Invensys

Everybody wants one.  Tablet computers are gaining popularity not only at home but at work too from CEO’s to field operators.  Why?  Because tablets are light, easy to use, and relatively inexpensive.  Plus they give you access to a world of information through a myriad of interesting and useful applications or apps.

Tablets are great for collaborating and keeping you informed while away from your office.  With most security concerns being addressed along with the ubiquitous of wireless networks, tablets are coming into their own as the mobile platform of choice for many workers.

This ability to stay connected provides a great opportunity for companies to improve worker productivity by allowing them to stay involved in important workflows regardless of their location.  For example, an operations manager within a manufacturing facility is attending a staff meeting.  Elsewhere in the plant a hazardous material spill occurs.  The Work Tasks app from Wonderware can help notify you of the spill and ask for your approval to take specific mitigation steps in real-time. 

The Work Tasks mobile app enables workers to, update tasks, receive task notifications, approve or reject a task, flag a task based on importance or fill out a form.
Action can be taken faster, minimizing any harmful effect to your workers or facilities.  And this is one simple example, how many important workflows are being delayed in your facility because workers are not connected to them?  Workflow management solutions like ArchestrA Workflow are the next step in improving the overall effectiveness of your workers.  Tablets can really help maximize the benefit of these types of systems in any work environment. 
Some of the coolest mobile tablets are coming from Microsoft.  Yes, that Microsoft.  Wonderware is happy to announce support of Microsoft Window 8 Professional and Windows RT tablets with our Work Task mobile app for ArchestrA Workflow.  We encourage you to check out these new tablets and ArchestrA Workflow, they are a winning combination that can really drive significant improvements in your business.
To learn more visit the Work Tasks web page or contact your local Wonderware distributor.

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