Monday, July 15, 2013

Repost: Time to retire the word 'disrupt' (?)

I put the question mark in, because, I believe it's completely situational when/if you should bring disruption to your customers.  For example, Microsoft is sunsetting XP next April.  This is certainly a disruptive event (lack of support for your operating system) and it will cause a certain amount of pain and suffering to the installed base.  But you need disruption to move forward--whether you call it migration, or modernization, it's a disruption of your way of doing business, and a call for addressing, and remediating, the current situation.

Disruption for disruption sake--totally agree with the writer, it's unnecessary.  But let's look at the cloud--it's disruptive technology, but you can gradually adopt.  So, the disruption becomes less noticeable, and you have a choice as to when and if you decide to use.  That's the disruption that I believe is necessary and useful...offering choices, some familiar, some not so much, and allowing changes when you are ready.

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