Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Repost: Retailers, CPGs Using Big Data Analytics to Outperform Others

In this story from Progressive Grocer, IBM partnered with Kantar Retail Global to uncover the effectivity of using Big Data for feeding analytics and decision making in supermarket supply chains.  It comes as no surprise that those using Big Data for feeding sales, marketing, IT were more productive and lead in their market standings.

As we've seen from a manufacturing perspective, Big Data can also improve operations performance.  Having a unified view of Key Performance Indicators, fed in real-time, allows management to be more responsive to unplanned events or changes.   That's where Enterprise Manufacturing Intelligence fits in--think of it as Business Intelligence (BI) for industry.  Bringing a holistic view of the enterprise, providing actionable information, giving you the capability to become a high performance organization.  There are a host of EMI providers--Wonderware Intelligence notably is a leading brand.

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