Thursday, February 20, 2014

Repost, with Comments: Moving CPG Analytics from Hindsight to Foresight

An interesting article from Progressive Grocer uncovers opportunities for CPG companies to use analytics in their decision making, especially for anticipating consumer habits, trends and the resultant product determinations that can be made.

We see a similar trend for the operations side of CPG/Food and Beverage companies.  That although the need for products such as Enterprise Manufacturing Intelligence (EMI) exist, the uptick is not as great as for complementary products, such as Manufacturing Execution Systems.  Because "EMI" functionality can be partially achieved by reporting and other historian-based analysis, companies may not appreciate the full benefits of a pure EMI product. 

Wonderware Intelligence actually employs the industry-leading BI (Business Intelligence) dashboard from Tableau Software. This makes your enterprise more transparent, because you can use the same tool for business analytics as well as operational performance.  EMI, and BI, provide insight, allow you to make informed decisions, and avoid disruptions in your business by anticipating trends, out of norm conditions, or seasonal anomalies.

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