Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Wonderware Intelligence: The Top 5 New Tableau Features

by Jim Frider, Product Marketing Manager, Invensys

If you analyze data to improve the performance of your facility then you need to learn more about the exciting new data visualization features available with Wonderware Intelligence. 

At its core, Wonderware Intelligence helps industrial companies better understand the subtleties of their processes and equipment so they can make better decisions.  It helps manufacturing; processing and infrastructure companies organize their many data stores into a coherent information model which then can be rendered into brilliant data displays and charts.  Wonderware has partnered with Tableau Software, a leader in business intelligence software, to offer the most compelling data analytics available to the industrial marketplace.    

Tableau Software has released version 8.1 of their leading data visualization software.  This new release contains dozens of enhanced features to improve your data analytics.  Invensys engineers have reviewed this new release, and here is our list of the top 5 new Tableau 8.1 features.

1.       Improved Calendar Controls, selecting the date range for any chart or graph is very important now you can enter specific start and end dates.  If you are trying to display data over a very specific date range this makes it very easy.

2.       Enhanced Statistical Support

o   Box and Whisker Plots are great for visualizing key statistical parameters for a set of process variables.

Tableau 8.1's Box and Whisker Plot

o   Ranking and Percentiles support

o   R-Integration,   Intelligence users can now perform very complete statistical analysis on process data.

3.      Transparency: The backgrounds of legends, text boxes, images and other dashboard objects can now be set to varying degrees of transparency, allowing a more effective use of screen space when implementing dashboards.

Tableau's 8.1 Transparency feature

4.       Stored Procedures Support, highly useful when performing complex queries from the Wonderware Intelligence data store.

5.       Quick Filters: optional "Apply" button reduces wait time when working with large data sets. Wonderware Intelligence users can perform multiple selections without having to wait for the dashboard to refresh.

If you need to analyze process or equipment data to optimize your production, to troubleshoot problems, or understand the relationship between events,  then Wonderware Intelligence is the software tool you need to consider.  Check our website or contact us to learn more.

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