Monday, December 23, 2013

Business Intelligence in the Palm of Your Hand: SmartGlance

The two offerings from the Apple stable – iPhone and iPad, along with Android technology from Google and the Windows 8 phone, have completely changed the face of business in recent years. The wide adoption of the tools of mobile business intelligence is testimony to this fact. The products in mobile technology are witnessing drastic changes and are becoming adaptable to the new technology along with becoming mature. Mobile BI has revolutionized business; however, enhanced devices and better tablets and technology are the real reasons for propelling the market.

The major devices from Microsoft, Google and Apple support the business intelligence tools. The Apple and Android OS's  changed the way people look at the use of mobile phones. We in industrial automation have seen an explosion of apps dedicated to operating on mobile platforms--from Invensys alone, we offer apps so that you can do simulation, visualization, monitoring, analysis and reporting now using popular mobile devices.

The ramp to adoption has been steep and swift: from a thoughtful and cautious approach, to fairly widespread acceptance and use.  IT is still creating policies for BYOD (Bring Your Own Devices), but the barrier to using smart devices as a means of facilitating reporting and presenting information has been minimized.  The trend is fast catching up due to the various benefits and ease of operation availed of with the use of BI tools. 

We've seen a good uptick of interest on SmartGlance. The ease of accessing vital data on field operations is providing them with results; instant information without a lot of fuss.  Supporting all major device manufacturers, SmartGlance provides real-time information, pushed to a smart device, allowing informed decision making and collaboration.

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