Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Mobile BI tools – Need of the hour. Consider SmartGlance!

Gauging the huge demand for tablet computers, smartphones and the subsequent mobile BI solutions, we need to sneak a peek into the various benefits, management issues, recommendations and challenges associated with mobile business analytics and solutions. You may be thinking about using the iPad, iPhone, Android or Windows 8 device; but how do you take that consumer-facing product and adapt it for the needs of industry?  How do you leverage their capability for the interacting and sharing of important business information?

The users of mobile BI are offered now a plethora of  new applications designed with mobility in mind. But how can you ensure that these apps are useful for transforming the actual role of data in the interactions with consumers, forecasting and planning of business, management of the performance of employees and taking the day-to-day decisions related to the operations of the business? The good news is that SmartGlance is capable of doing all this. This becomes mandatory if the devices need to survive in this ever increasing and demanding marketplace.

With the latest innovations in mobile BI applications, the users are allowed to obtain more than what they actually intend with the new applications and tools. The opportunities regarding IT performance, data visualization and security allow personalization from the devices. The business world is already overly excited about the use of mobile BI in positive ways. The real time access of vital data though is a tough challenge; the tools are providing just that. Heightened security, need of the hour technology and immense speed of delivery are aspects which are loved by businesses.

Businesses have taken a war front approach in the deployment of mobile BI applications in their work. The employees too are quite enthusiastic about the development due to improvement of their performance leading to growth. Overall it is a win-win situation for everyone; right from the top notch professionals to the field employees.

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