Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Repost: Microsoft's New CEO, survey from MSPMentor, with comments


This survey from the readers of MSPMentor predicts the next CEO of Microsoft, now that Steve Ballmer has decided to step down.  What's really interesting is that the lead contender is their Cloud Lead. Microsoft has been active in educating the market, building out partnerships, and providing extensive infrastructure to become a leading cloud technology company. 

Certainly, if you read my blog yesterday, you saw that Invensys and Microsoft just completed their Eye Opener Series for the Cloud--Proof Points--to show that there's more to our partnership than just positioning, there are customers, products and services that are attached to this program.  It's an initiative that's pervasive for both companies, bringing productivity, cost savings and flexibility to users.  Although the seminar series is now over, we are planning more events within the next few months to continue our drive and education to help you understand, and utilize, cloud hosting and technology.

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