Thursday, November 14, 2013

Mobile Reporting goes Mainstream...

"My Plant Manager bought a new iPad and the Production Manager has an Android based phone. Now, they want to view the latest production and efficiency reports from their home and when they are travelling. How can we do that?" asked the Automation Engineer at a large manufacturing facility. “Viewing reports from the email attachment is not convenient due to the scrolling problems and the size of the report. Also, sending and opening emails every 15 minutes is not practical.”

SmartGlance from Invensys can help. SmartGlance offers mobile reporting that can deliver real time and historical reports on any mobile devices.

Their vision for the mobile enterprise is to show new ways that mobility can streamline operations, reduce costs, increase worker productivity and enable the power of real-time response. SmartGlance believes that mobility will let you transcend distance and connectivity issues, create a virtual, personalized space for collaboration and empower front-line workers to make better, faster, smarter decisions.

Mobile reporting technology is quickly becoming a normal way to run day to day life. There are three major benefits offered by Mobile Reporting Solutions like SmartGlance:

  1. Visualization - Monitor Your Business in Real Time

  2. Analytics - Pinpoint a Problem

  3. Action tools - Solve a problem

Take the example of Skånemejerier. They used the SmartGlance solution for live updates of a newly installed filling line in order to follow OEE (Overall Equipment Efficiency) and production data in real time, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, all the time.

"The easy, simple and logical used of an iPhone, was faster, more accurate, more informative that the traditional way of contacting the process leader, to get information of the specific filling line, who could not give you all the information in real time. SmartGlance saved everybody time as all data is only a fingertip away and not a phone call." said Kenneth Hansen, Technical Manager at Sk√•nemejerier.

Think about the value of having real time access to your most important business data from your mobile device. And then think about viewing that information in a graphical format that is optimized for display on the small screen. No need to carry the bulky laptop with you while you are on the road. No more accessing information on company Intranet that's only formatted for a full screen - no clumsy scrolling or viewing unreadable data.

Visualization - Monitor Your Business in Real Time

Monitor your business from your mobile.
Make quick decisions by viewing real time corporate data as it changes.

SmartGlance connects your mobile phone with any corporate data source. Virtually any electronic data that is delivered to your desktop can be transformed into a graphical report for real time viewing on your mobile smart phone. No limit to the number of reports or number of rows and columns in a report.

You choose which reports you want and view them as tables, pie charts, bar charts, line graphs, or other formats. SmartGlance displays your information in a graphical format optimized for the small screen of your mobile phone without having to scroll left and right to view the entire report. Simply swipe the screen to view the Next Report. This allows you to make quick decisions by viewing real time changes in your corporate data.

Analytics - Pinpoint a Problem

SmartGlance uses the convenience of your smart phone "touch screen" functions to let you manipulate your graphs or charts and drill down multiple layers for further analysis. You can zoom into areas of interest or zoom out to see the big picture. You can even view two reports or two elements within a report at the same time for easy comparison. It allows manipulating your display in portrait or landscape format. It allows you to view your data in XY swap mode giving a whole new dimension to analysis. You can get instant notifications of alarms and out of range data points. You can compare two data points with each other or with a benchmark as needed.

"SmartGlance with its user friendly interface and powerful analytics gives our Core Leadership Team up-to-date information and analytics of our business. Our team counts on this information and takes decisions that have a positive impact on our business." says Adi Shroff, CIO & Sr. VP Corporate Human Resources, Eureka Forbes.

Action Tools - Solve Problems

SmartGlance is not just about visualization and analysis. You can actually take action based on the information you see. Our Action tools like Share and iButton allow you to easily collaborate and communicate with people and information that is most relevant to you. Take action, share data and notify colleagues with a click.

Overall, SmartGlance service offered by Invensys is a strategic product. The SmartGlance product showcases a robust application today. As time goes, the maturity of the SmartGlance product will elaborate the vision, to show how mobility will affect people, process and technology, by enhancing workflow, improving access to knowledge, increasing the speed of business transactions and providing better modes of reporting and management.

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