Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Invensys Workforce Enablement Solutions

Wonderware IntelaTrac guiding remote task management

Workforce Enablement can encompass many aspects, from task management to decision support to greater visibility of operations. Without adding people, how can you effectively increase productivity, transparency and capabilities of your workforce?

One of the ways we've seen that is most effective, especially for companies in heavy industry, is using a combination of mobile solutions, based on remotely gathering data and providing feedback on real-time conditions, and collecting in a central repository for subsequent analysis and improvements.

Wonderware IntelaTrac has hundreds of customers in the oil and gas, chemical and even food industries, providing them with a tool to track and manage tasks and repetitive routines. It uses mobile handheld devices for data capture, collecting conditions, images and asset behavior that are important operating indicators for good manufacturing practices.

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