Saturday, March 1, 2014

Repost, with comments: What did Gartner Say About the Cloud in 2013?

Gartner group is one of the premier analysts for the IT market space, so when they talk about a subject, it's good to understand their perspective.  One of the interesting statistics they undercovered is that only 38% of enteprises are now using the cloud.  Although that may not be true for mobile apps, for business applications, I think it's close.  Especially for those companies in industrial automation, they are necessarily wary of any solution that could compromise their security, and the cloud is one of those technologies that has to be deliberately and thoughtfully implemented. 

Certainly, the solutions that Invensys offers for the cloud have redundancy, encryption and supports high availability and disaster recovery. It is both necessary, and expected, and it meets our customer requirements for reliable operations.

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