Tuesday, October 29, 2013

SmartGlance- Mobile BI tools

An effective and efficient system of Business Intelligence is capable of delivering accurate company information, as and when needed in formats that can be understood easily. The mobile BIsolutions provided by SmartGlance render sufficient details for enabling the effective, informed and timely decision making process for enterprises.

Witness the rapid evolution of mobile devices via the iPhone, iPad and Windows 8, offering new and exciting ways for accessing the company data in greater portability and interactivity. For many years, the users had to do minor adjustments to the existing platforms and the developed reports for matching the requirements. SmartGlance mobile BI solutions enable you to leverage the immense potential of business intelligence on these devices to make your process easier.

SmartGlance mobile BI patterns and expertise in this area takes your reporting to higher levels. Leveraging of the unique capabilities of SmartGlance enables you to use options such as mapping, navigation of touch screens, integration of the solutions with the applications of your devices, input via different interfaces and sensors, to capture vital information and processing while on the move.

The mobile BI solutions from SmartGlance brings you a new world of enhanced business intelligence applications to aid your business in reaching new heights.

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