Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Have you considered IntelaTrac for Workforce Management? New Updated Features!

Wonderware IntelaTrac is a mobile asset management and workforce enablement solution. Using handheld devices, it informs, manages and enables collaboration of a remote workforce.

Version 4.3 of IntelaTrac was just released. Key features include:
  • Dynamic assignment of assets
  • Image mark-up
Dynamic Asset Assignment allows for the configuration of Task Groups and Tasks within Procedure Builder to allow for the “Field Assignment "of the asset, in lieu of creating a separate procedure for each asset beforehand. This is especially useful when doing rounds or maintenance inspections.

Image mark-up has the ability to annotate and mark-up the image at the job site. As found, as left or any other note can be captured and saved for further review and analysis. This makes real time situation updates possible for more accurate condition management.

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