Thursday, January 31, 2013

Tablet users are big spenders compared to smartphone users: report
Work Tasks application from ArchestrA Workflow Software

This is an interesting report, not only because of the purchasing shift to tablets from smart phones, but the opportunity for the automation community to leverage this new format for reporting & analysis applications.
#Smart device-enabled reporting is not new for the automation industry--SmartGlance mobile reporting, Wonderware Intelligence and others use smart phones and/or tablets as the display mechanism for presentation and analysis.

The opportunity for us with tablet growth is the ability to use this wider screen to provide richer, more intuitive, and more pervasive applications for not only real-time reporting, but as a replacement for PC-based user interfaces, such as you'd find with #MES (Manufacturing Execution Systems), #HMI (Human-Machine Interface), and other applications that are now bound by hardware.

Tablets open up the market for automation vendors, because you now have a portable mechanism which allows better, faster, and more data collection in an easier and simpler format. Think of the boost you'll have in training and deployment, by providing an application that is accessed in a format that's more familiar and always accessable.

Does this mean new development and application skills are required?  Yes, but it's the future for our industry--enabling workers to be more productive, more knowledgeable, and better informed. It's exciting times for automation.

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