Thursday, January 24, 2013

Why You Should Consider Overall Equipment Effectiveness

LNS Research just published a benchmark study of the efficacy of Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE) for discrete manufacturing companies. Without giving away the study, Industrial Equipment manufacturers were the strongest users (and beneficiaries) of OEE practices.  Read the report summary by clicking the link below:

So what is OEE?

Simply, it's an indication of the efficiency of your equipment, the outcome of three dimensions: product quality X availability (of equipment) x throughput.

Invensys (and others in the automation industry) have long believed that OEE measures are an important aspect of any Continuous Improvement or quality initiative. 
Wonderware MES/Performance Software is just one example of an off-the-shelf OEE product.

Taken in conjunction with other process control strategies, OEE can help you to establish performance benchmarks that can be validated, monitored, and most importantly, measured.  OEE allows you to compare different lines, areas, or even plants to uncover under-performing assets or processes.  It helps you to find that "hidden factory" for additional capacity by tuning and identifying areas for improvement.  So regardless of the industry that you are in, OEE can help you by providing an understanding of your plant's performance so that you can implement improvement strategies.

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