Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Mobile Dashboards Provide the Much Needed ease for Monitoring Vital Information

Mobile business intelligence has introduced latest and new considerations on how the various organizations are monitoring their Key Performance indicators (KPI's) and such other metrics. A recently conducted study has claimed that by the year 2013, almost one-third of the users of BI will start accessing mobile dashboards for decision making concerns and analyzing important information. This is proof that mobile business intelligence is fast catching on. The concept has started to utilize the methods which the community of BI was predicting for some years now.

The challenge involved in the designing of mobile dashboard for BI users rests in the provision of important and relevant content that can be easily obtained and processed with the use of mobile devices. The on-premise or traditional desktop solutions for BI are great ways for providing the users with dashboards that are content-rich by way of visualizing a wide range of KPI's and such other vital metrics. It should be understood that the mobile dashboards need not compete with the traditional dashboards or desktop BI; they need to compliment the solutions provided by the desktop dashboards by the provision of KPI access from anywhere and at any given time.

The consumer culture demands the mobile applications to be friendly for the users, simple in nature, and fast in processing. These are the lessons that the organizations and users of BI need to remember after they have spent precious time, money and effort for deployment of solutions of mobile dashboards. The vendor of dashboards and BI need to stay up to delivering solutions and match the hype created by the mobile BI applications.

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