Thursday, December 20, 2012

Enhance the Performance of Business with Mobile Dashboard

Mobile Business Intelligence has become a trend setter in the market of Business Intelligence or BI. The past years have seen solution providers placing considerable efforts for the development of mobile applications that are interactive and can be useful for the decision makers who are always on the move. Although the trend in this regard was slow to pick up, mobile BI has started making inroads into general practices of business in the marketplace. Almost every business entity has understood the various benefits offered by using mobile dashboards as information providers for the success of any business activity.

Mobile business intelligence is just one of the trends in the huge market of business intelligence. There are numerous other trends that are emerging in this regard that affect the overall adoption of the concept for use. With the advancements in technology and the widespread acceptance of iPhones, iPads, tablets and Androids, the different vendors are now able to render various business intelligence offerings that permit the companies in providing enhanced information and analytics access to the executives who are out of office for most of the time.

The market of business intelligence has seen slow expansion for including mobile dashboard. With the years spent in accessing important data in the form of PDF files, executives are now attracted to the ease of using the mobile applications for accessing vital information. The interactive dashboards in mobiles provide parameterized reports, and businesses are now deploying the concept of mobile BI as a key element in the functions of their work. All this means that the offerings of mobiles have reached a stage where they are able to meet diverse requirements of business intelligence in regards to ease of interaction and use. With the advent of iPads and tablets, the use of mobile BI has become the preferred choice of businesses across the globe. Not only is this concept able to provide enjoyment, the ease of accessing vital company and client information is a major booster for the executives. All this has resulted in the vendors trying to place their efforts in expansion of the concept with enhanced applications.

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