Thursday, October 4, 2012

Ways to Boost Sales Using Mobile business Intelligence

Mobile business intelligence can be one of the greatest tools to promote business and achieve a great number of sales if used properly. Mobile Business intelligence highly influences sales of any particular company. There are many proofs which show that sales are affected by Mobile business intelligence. Below is one reason that can be considered as a proof.

Use of cognition methods in different deals:

Having an application of Mobile business intelligence in hand, different company sales teams can notice and record key points that help win deal. This helps team members know what is required to close a deal successful and what can be done for improvement if the deal doesn’t go well. It also gives privilege to discuss wining techniques in company meetings so members who are weak can be benefitted from. This helps make weak members expert and those who are already skilful can concentrate on polishing skills by viewing techniques of their colleague members.

As mobile business intelligence is commonly equipped with reporting equipment as well, this helps different companies not only to keep track of their sales team performance but also the performance of their products as well. Different measures can be taken immediately via using mobile business intelligence and it helps boost sales in most cases.

Buying cycle review and monitoring:

The revenue of any particular manufacturing company depends on the customers buying cycle. Whenever a customer buys particular company’s product, companies earn some profit depending upon their profit margin. That’s why its importance for manufacturing companies to keep note of customers buying cycle and to note crucial points such as duration of the year when demand is highest and when demand of product is lowest. As mobile business intelligence applications cover mobile reporting, it makes the process to collect data from customers buying cycle regarding company’s products very easy. This data is lot crucial to companies because lot part of their strategy to generate revenue is based on it.

Time savers:

One of the greatest problems for the company is to assign individuals on different activities which hardly generate any revenue for the company but still are important activities for the company’s future. However solution to this problem was found in the form of Mobile business intelligence applications. These applications allow individuals to perform activities only those who yield profits for the company and to shift attention to high revenue activities as per priority. Increased revenue for company results in higher bonuses and rewards for company employees and it increases efficiency in work system of the company as well. Thus the use of mobile business intelligence generates only win-win situation and as activities are shifted priority wise among different employees, it saves a lot of time as well.

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