Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Mobile Dashboard- All in One Glance.

"Mobile Dashboards....Is it something to replace my car dashboard?  :) "

A mobile dashboard is a simple view of selected data, associated with an business entity, through a suitable mobile application for business purpose. Business, administrative and managerial usage of mobile phones need innovative and efficient mobile software that can present business data into a form that is usable and understandable by business community and mangers. Achievement of this objective is done by mobile dashboard software available with mobile business intelligence package or in standalone application. Mobile dashboard can be also be used for social connect, personal usage, gaming, expense tracker etc. The mobile software products which function to integrate local or remotely available data and information into an integrated display are known as dashboards.

"Hmm...Got it...how do one use it in real time?"

A good mobile dashboard must be an single screen view of all information to be seen by the mobile user.  For example – Mr. Salesman is a dynamic person who goes to client, takes order, track delivery and collect payments. In this mobile business intelligence era he also uses mobile application to all his data and companies centralized database. He also gets his targets, progress and other assignments from mobile app only. So in his mobile app he will have a single screen view of information on his mobile about his progress, targets, tracking, new assignments and other information from management side. Similarly company employes many salesman, and each one has it's own dashboard that present individual data to them. Now similarly Mr. Sales Manager, who has responsibility of performance of his team of all salesmen, interested to view overall figures of his team. So he will have a dashboard that will show a summary of total figures, performance of individual team members, achievement, lagging and other information in a single screen.

"Okey..but how do I get it...which is best dashboard? Will it suit to my requirement?"

Different business enterprises require different dashboard structure as per their nature and mode of operations. Even different departments within an enterprise may require different dashboard. A mobile dashboard for a business purpose, need be designed in a structure that it represent core business operation detail pertaining to objective tasks, responsible person, and help management to take appropriate decision. A large number of open source applications are available by mobile software providers to address business, social or personal dashboards requirement. You can also get a customized software from your technology vendor. Advanced dashboards allows you to select data on specific parameters, drill down details, mark your comments,  visualize more graphic details etc on a single screen dashboard.

Rapid technology changes may obsolete your device and it's software after a period. A new device may work on a completely different platform. So a mobile dashboard system, which can work on cross-platform technologies, is highly required.

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