Saturday, May 5, 2012

SmartGlance Mobile Reporting

Invensys Operations Management has released SmartGlance, a new mobile reporting solution that delivers plant data and reports directly to the smart phones. Plant operators, maintenance technicians and other plant personnel can see current operating data anywhere and at any time, helping to accelerate decision making and improving collaboration.

Leveraging two of today's most important new technologies-- smart phones and cloud computing-- SmartGlance can keep plant decision makers and operators fully aware of the plant's performance. Data from Invensys Operations Management's systems, as well as from a myriad of other plant data sources, can be sent via the "cloud" to smart phones subscribed to the SmartGlance Mobile Reporting service.

SmartGlance completes the information "loop" by providing easy-to-view and easy-to-analyze data reports anywhere and at anytime. It differs from web-based reporting applications because its native smart phone app takes full advantage of screen navigation features found in today's leading mobile devices. Viewing and manipulating data reports and graphs is extremely easy and fast.

Key capabilities:

  • View plant data anywhere, anytime;

  • Powerful, analytical displays;

  • Easy touch screen navigation;

  • Share reports via email;

  • Secure cloud-based report generation and delivery;

  • Supports commonly used smart device platforms like Apple, Blackberry and, soon, Android and Microsoft Phone 7.

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