Monday, May 21, 2012

Mobile Business Intelligence

The concept of Mobile Business Intelligence has been present for a decade. But initially a dedicated server was necessary for taking advantage of the features offered by Mobile Business Intelligence. It is a trend that sales professional need to devote bulk of their time in traveling and visiting customers. Not only the sales people, but some of the senior executives also spend quality time away from their offices.

This necessitates the need of access to information anywhere and at anytime. This will aid them in getting access to vital information for correcting problems or identifying the right opportunities when they are not at headquarters. Mobile Business Intelligence does just that.

In the recent years, Mobile Business Intelligence has evolved enormously for giving the employees the much needed control to satisfy their analysis and reporting motives. The feature of Mobile Reporting provided by Mobile Business Intelligence aids the employees when they are working off site. The Mobile Dashboard type information delivery has been made possible by the various applications provided by Mobile Business Intelligence. The Dashboards add value to the operational reporting process through the dimensions of data visualization. Such techniques, that Mobile Business Intelligence provides, enhance better interpretation of information for the users.

Every company who has a long list of employees who work in remote areas from the base, or are mostly away from their office, need to access the tremendous benefits available with the use of Mobile BI. The timely access to corporate data obtained by the use of Mobile Business Intelligence not only provides for an improved operational performance; the efficiency also increases dramatically. The decision making activity gets boosted due to the extension of the critical data to the employees on the field. This is a major advantage of opting for Mobile Business Intelligence applications. The increased productivity provided by this activity is bound to boost the revenues of any company.

Mobile Business Intelligence accelerates the decision making process and renders a better insight to the people involved. Just imagine the amount of time that is saved between the identification of an issue and the final decision making. Mobile Business Intelligence lays a solid framework for affirming fast and better decisions via reports which are easily procured.

Things to remember when opting vendors for Mobile Business Intelligence:

• A simple yet spontaneous interface
• Maximum flexibility for users to run, interact and access reports in a manner they need.
• Admittance to the authentic corporate data
• The ability to adapt to any common handheld device
• Intelligent security for keeping corporate information confidential

Hence, we can conclude that the permeating use of Mobile Dashboards ameliorates the overall performance of the business. It has been proved that the organizations that use Mobile Business Intelligence virtually deploy double the workforce which they already have. The benefits offered by the use of Mobile Business Intelligence are significant if correctly incorporated in the operations of the company. A sense of empowerment will be visible in the employees who will further boost the prospects of the company as well as themselves.

After seeing the overall advantages offered by the technology of Mobile Business Intelligence, every company wanting to heighten its performance will opt for it.

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