Monday, December 1, 2014

Wonderware Historian--it's not just for data storage anymore!

With the advent of Schneider Electric's acquisition of Invensys, our social media will be consolidated, and I'll be getting a new blog account and address.  I hope you'll follow me to my new address.  In the meantime, I'd like to share some findings from our +TechValidate Software account:
Customer References verified by TechValidate.

What's interesting about this study is that one normally views a data historian as merely a vessel for storage, versus a means to enable quality and other performance improvements. Over 55% of our customers cite improved quality as a benefit of using Wonderware Historian,  46% gained compliance ensurance, and 44% increased production. Substantial improvements attributed to a commonplace plant software application.

But look at what we've done to improve Wonderware Historian in the past year.  It's pretty impressive, and brings it into what we call an "Enteprise Historian" space.
So the next time you think Historian, think Wonderware Historian! And I'll be back soon to let you know where my new blog is.

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