Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Repost, with Comments: Is your company allocating a larger portion of this year's budget to security spending?

An interesting poll from SmartBriefs, touching on the investment indicators for security infrastructure within their readership. With only half of the respondents planning to increase spending for security measures, does this mean the industry's readiness to withstand attacks is completed?  Are companies ignoring additional threats?  Or have they previously invested in levels that provides them with the protection they need. These questions go unanswered.

For industrial automation, security is an ongoing issue, for as new products come into the plant, there are always additional threats that need to be addressed.  Invensys/Schneider Electric has done a good job at providing their customers with security counseling, best practice sharing, and project support.  Each year at our customer user group, we have sessions on cyber security that are packed.  Why?  Because customers want to understand what we as an industry, collectively, can do to ensure safe operations.  It's a partnership to share understanding, strategy and best practices.

For more on cyber security for industry, please visit our blog by security expert Doug Clifton.

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